The Secondary tutoring model

Our Private Tutors provide exclusive secondary tutoring wherever you are, this is particularly convenient for parents who like their children to get ahead in their education, but would like them to remain at home. The benefits of our home secondary tutoring model is that students are in a supportive learning environment in which makes it possible to cover a large amounts of study material in a short period of time. Home tuition is an excellent way of helping students reach their potential very quickly in all Arts and Science subjects including

Mathematics,  Biology, Chemistry,   Physics, Geography,  English, History,  Divinity, IRE  among others.

Secondary Tutoring

Why it works

Our teachers deliver lessons designed around each student with the objective of getting them back on track. Studies of under-performing students show that students often require extra daily support on top of their regular teacher visits. Research also suggests that the classroom environment is usually geared for the average student and this may not suit all students. All our courses are real hands on teaching by real teachers with interactive lessons and constant monitoring and periodic reports availed to track progress.

Our tutors will provide ongoing assessment and homework to students that cater to each specific needs and this will be well in line with the student’s current school curriculum.