Lately religious studies have lost popularity over the last decade. However religious tutoring is an extremely interesting topic if looked at closely. Students higher education religious studies get to study the philosophy and ethics behind the major religions. So higher religious studies is taken with a view to studying the subject advance to university level and most students go on to become lecturers or tutors in their specialist areas, historians, researchers and other professional figures.

What We Do.

We offer private religious tutoring on the Bible and the Quran respectively. We cover basics such as an overview of the Old and New Testaments including history and traditions of Christianity and the Islamic faith. We offer comprehensive lessons on detailed books and areas of concentration.Religious Tutoring

Have the luxury in knowing that you or your child will live in the company of a Christian or Islamic Teacher.

We are always open to everyone craving or willing to improve their religious views no matter the age group. You or your child will be very much welcomed.

Be totally immersed in the religious views and study on a 1-1 base in the company of your teacher. Try to make instant and fast progression from our rigorous course of trainings.