Language Tutoring

Our language tutors are experienced in offering  language tutoring in a wide  range of languages, including , English, French, German and all the native languages in Uganda. We’ll help you to improve your conversational language or learn a new language, we’ll find a language tutor for you. All our tutors travel to you and conduct the sessions in the comfort and privacy of your home. 


Learning a new language opens up new opportunities. You will have access and appreciate new cultures improve your experience in the language’s host society. If you need an extra language for work or prepare to go abroad or just want to brush up on a language you have studied before, then you  are in the right place because we can get for you the right language tutor for you.


Our language tutoring will come to you and take the stress away, we can also set up daily follow up via Facebook, Skype, phone or email on all assignments and home-work help.